On Line Bill Payment

Credit Cards are not accepted for taxes

Paying your tax bill online  through direct deposit currently is only available from the CREDIT UNION  and the ATB Financial institutions.  We are negotiating with other banks and financial outlets to offer this service more widely

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Sign in to your online banking

Go to the pay bills option for your bank.  Set up Bonnyville beach as a Payee.  Search for Bonnyville and select the correct payee.

your tax account

Your account number is the 8 digit Tax Roll number on your tax notice.  This is unique to your property

Paying Taxes

Your taxes are due by June 30th of the year.  Please allow 3 days processing time for your payment so it should be made no later than the 27th of the month.

Credit Union page 1

The screen to the left shows the actual payee name for the summer village recorded by the Credit Union system.

Bonnyville Beach (SV) Property Tax

Select this payee 

Credit union page 2

This page shows the sample pay bills page for the credit union.  Your 8 digit roll number is your account 

Make a payment

Enter the amount you are paying on your tax bill, OR  you can set up installment payments, if applied for, using the recurrent payment options

ATB Financial

ATB Financial

Add Payee-

Search for Summer Village of Bonnyville Beach to add to payee. Your account number is the 8 digit tax roll on your tax notice

ATB  Financial

Payment -

Choose Schedule payment.  Select the Summer Village from the list.  Enter the amount or set-up the automatic payment schedule for your installments.  Payments are due on the 15th of the month, allow some time to process.


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