Land Use Bylaw Preview

Bylaw 166-2020 Land Use bylaw has third reading. 
 You can view this bylaw by clicking on the link below

Report on the Public Hearing

Public Hearing for Bylaw 166-2020 being a land use bylaw for the Municipality
Call to ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 17:05 By Grant Ferbey
Noted that due to Corona Virus restrictions, attendance was limited to Electronic representation via Zoom,
The Meeting instructions were posted via email to all ratepayers on December 13th.

Purpose of this Bylaw – read by administration

The purpose of these Public Hearings is to hear public comments in regard to the proposed Bylaw, being a bylaw to adopt Land Use regulations in the Summer Village.
The Land Use Bylaw sets out guidelines and a framework for directing the use and development of lands within the Summer Village

Confirmation of Notice

Notice of the Public Hearings on the proposed Bylaws was advertised on the Summer Village Website from October 29, 2020
Notice of the Public Hearings was emailed to all ratepayer in the Summer Village on November 12, 2020, December 2, 2020 and December 13th, 2020.  As authorized by bylaw 153-2018

Presentation of Bylaws by Administration.

Request for written submissions - none received
Request for persons wishing to be heard - none received
Questions of Clarification - by Council

No questions from Council
Closure of Public Hearing (Mayor)
Meeting Closed at 17:15 

The purpose of this bylaw is to regulate the use and development of land and buildings within the Summer Village of Bonnyville Beach to achieve the orderly, economical and beneficial development of land and to maintain and improve the quality of the physical environment. The Land Use Bylaw operates in conjunction with Federal and Provincial regulations. 

Bylaws serve as a framework to help people in the Summer Village get along and lay out rules for cooperation.  While we try to not be too intrusive in our bylaws, there are some minimum requirements to meet.  Location of buildings on a lot, and the size of the buildings are one of the subjects addressed by a LUB (Land Use Bylaw).

The LUB provides for public notice and input to changes on properties in the Summer Village. There are also provisions for non-conforming use and limits what can be done to properties in the Summer Village. Applying for a variance for a specific use will be considered by the Summer Village upon application.

Development Permit application

This development permit form is a PDF file for construction or building projects in the Summer Village of Bonnyville Beach

Erosion Control Permit

If you require modifying the shoreline of the lake for erosion control you will require the Federal and Provincial Permits as well as this permit before you begin.


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