As the saying goes the only things certain are death and taxes.  While the council can't do much about the final event, we can and do try to reduce the taxes that you pay to the Summer Village.
Your Tax/Assessment notices will be arriving in the mail. you should have them by early May 2021.
First estimates on the budget show no tax increases for 2021
If you have questions about the taxes in the Summer Village call or email the Office
780-826-2925     or 

Tax payment information

For information on paying taxes and Installment payment options see our tax payer website.

Why do we have taxes ?

Why Municipal Governments have to collect money

  • Education taxes - this is the largest portion of your tax bill. The school taxes represent anywhere from 55% to 60% of your total tax bill. This is a provincially regulated amount and we don't get to say anything about it. The summer village is responsible for collecting all of the requisitioned funds, and if someone doesn't pay their taxes, we still have to make the payments to the school boards.
  •  The utilities and services that we have to supply are substantial portion of our costs. Electrical ( Street Lights and Power , Gas ( Hall) and waste management, road maintenance(snowplows) and Fire Services manage to eat up nearly 30% of the budget. Some of this is offset by available funds from other levels of government.
  •  A Short list of ongoing expenses includes: Assessment fees, Accounting fees, Fire Protection, Insurance, Memberships in Associations and support for lake preservation - Moose Lake Watershed Society. 
  • Projected capital costs and updates to roads and infrastructure, While we aren't looking at LRT's and a new arena or swimming pool ( we have lots of water close by) there are still things that need to be done to provide safe and enjoyable living spaces for our residents.
  • This doesn't cover unforeseen expenses that crop up whether it is Man-made or Natural, your council has to respond to the situation and maintains a reserve to cover these costs.
  •  As in most businesses Maintenance, Administration and Council expenses add up and while we don't have any full time employees, we still have to pay the people that put the time in to make the Village run.

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