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Are YOU Speeding

Safety is everyone's business

We keep trying to get people to slow down when driving by the Summer Village. At present we have limited resources to issue tickets and summons for violators. But this will change. Remember that the speed limit is 50kph on the main road and 30kph in the Walleye Way and Perch Close areas.

The lane is NOT for racing along on your ATV

Remember that everyone can use the lane but in order to make it safe for all, there are restrictions on how fast you can travel and what you can travel on. The speed limit is 15kph, and atv and off-road vehicles are restricted to this speed. We encourage people to use the lane to keep pedestrian traffic off the main road. By-law controls will be discussed at the Annual meeting in July. Plan to attendShape your future web project with sharp design and refine coded functions.  Please do NOT drive your ATV, Quad or Dirtbike in the ditches beside the lane.  When there is water in them you damage the structure and make it necessary to repair this damage.


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