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A look at what we do 

Why do we have Bylaws?

By Paul Tercier February 2017
While the philosophy of the Summer Village has always been to keep out of the way of residents, there are always some areas where regulations and guidance are needed. As the number of people in the village has risen, it has become apparent that more oversite is needed to keep our neighbours happy. Some of the things that we have to regulate are for safety or health reasons, and often those are based on Provincial or Federal laws that we have to follow.
Other stuff is like the animal control bylaw, tax rate bylaws(every year), even a bylaw establishing the Assessor's position.
So far the Summer Village has passed a total of 145 bylaws, Some are replacements for obsoleted bylaws from earlier Councils. Approximately 1/2 of them are administrative in nature to meet requirements at the provinicial or federal regulatory level.
When your council determines that a bylaw is required, it has to be drafted to fit legal requirements and then is brought forward at a council meeting, although in larger legislatures it may be first discussed in committee meeting held specifically for this purpose. Once the bylaw meets the council's requirements, it is brought forward to 1st reading, and then gets re-evaluated to determine if any changes should be made. Second and Third readings follow, usually at separate meetings.
As always the council tries to consult with the citizens of the village to make our regulations relevant and able to provide the best balance of convenience and compliance. If you have a request or questions about any of the by-laws for the village please contact the office or your council member.


Land Use Bylaw 143-2014

Click on the photo to access the land use bylaw for the summer villae


Treatment and Disposal of Sewage Bylaw 140-2013

Our position on suitable treatment for septic waste is based on the provincial guidelines that have precedence in this matter. click on the picture above to access the bylaw


Animal Control Bylaw 141-2013

Please take care of your pets and don't allow them to run free in the summer village. click on the picture above to access the bylaw


Parking Regulations Bylaw 144-2014

Parking can be an issue when we don't have enough space - the lane is for everyone's use, Please don't block it
click on the picture above to access the bylaw

TAXES - Nobody likes them

What your tax dollars pay for in the Summer Village of Bonnyville Beach.

While the council has some control over what is spent by the summer village, some expenses are imposed outside of our control.

1.  Education taxes - this is the largest portion of your tax bill.  The school taxes represent anywhere from 55% to 60% of your total tax bill.  This is a provincially regulated amount and we don't get to  say anything about it.  The summer village is responsible for collecting all of the requisitioned funds, and if someone doesn't pay their taxes, we still have to make the payments to the school boards.

2.  The utilities and services that we have to supply are substantial portion of our costs.  Electrical ( Street Lights and Power to the hall), Gas ( Hall) and waste management, road maintenance(snowplows) and Fire Services  manage to eat up nearly 25% of the budget.  Some of this is offset by available grants from other levels of government.

3. As in most businesses the next biggest single category of expenses is the money paid out for wages. Maintenance, Administration and council expenses add up and while we don't have outside payroll costs, we still have to pay the people that put the time in to make the Village run.

4.  A Short list of ongoing expenses includes:   Assessment fees, Accounting fees, Insurance, Memberships in Associations and support for lake preservation - Water for Life and Watershed Society. 

5.   This doesn't cover unforseen expenses that crop up whether it is Man-made or Natural, your council has to respond to the situation and maintains a reserve to cover these costs.

The council and administration always work to provide the best possible services at the least cost to you the taxpayer.  If you have any questions for us, please contact us.


Easily add your email to our contact list, and use this form to ask any questions you might have.

Assessment Info

Assessments on property are provided by a professional, appointed by your council. There are rules and regulations governing how assessments are made.
this file is 2016/2017 comparison

Lot Numbers

We have a file with the lot numbers and legal land descriptions for the summer village. This is currently updated to show new lots and updates, the new file is posted now


If you believe your own or any other assessment is unfair, you may file a written complaint to the Assessment Review Board. Pursuant to Section 460 of the Municipal Government Act, a complaint must be made on the prescribed form and accompanied by the required filing fee (if any).


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