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News on the Beach

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60th Anniversary

Our Summer Village is 60 years old in 2018


Shoreline Responsibilities

Keeping the beach area clean and free of debris is critical to the health of our lake. While ownership of the beach is a Provincial matter, you have the responsibility to make sure that the beach in front of your property is taken care of.


Lot Number Reference

This file is the lot number reference using the land description for description.  This is NOT a Map of the beach.


Storage Area

We are working to make the storage area more effficient and safer. We don't allow long term camping in the area, we have made some changes to help with short term camping for a week end. Use of the area will require a filled out waiver - available below, along with a laminated tag available at the site


Assessment List

This list uses the lot number for reference and provides only the assessed values for the summer village.
The 2018 assessment list is also available here for reference


Historical water levels for Moose Lake

The above chart tracks the historic water level for Moose lake over the past 60 years


Summary for the July 18,2017 meeting at Eastbourne Hall

Water levels on Moose Lake 


UofA researchers solve ICE Quake

This links to an Edmonton Sun article about Ice Quakes that happened In January of 2018.


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Bonnyville AB,  T9N 2G9


Phone: +1 780 826 2925

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