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Why do we have bylaws?

By Paul Tercier  February  2016

While the philosophy of the Summer Village has always been to keep out of the way of residents, there are always some areas where regulations and guidance are needed.  As the number of people in the village has risen, it has become apparent that more oversite is needed to keep our neighbours happy.  Some of the things that we have to regulate are for safety or health reasons, and often those are based on Provincial or Federal laws that we have to follow.  
Other stuff is like the animal control bylaw, tax rate bylaws(every year), even a bylaw establishing the Assessor's position.

So far the Summer Village has passed a total of 145 bylaws, Some are replacements for obsoleted bylaws from earlier Councils.  Approximately 1/2 of them are administrative in nature to meet requirements at the provinicial or federal regulatory level.

When your council determines that a bylaw is required, it has to be drafted to fit legal requirements and then is brought forward at a council meeting, although in larger legislatures it may be first discussed in committee meeting held specifically for this purpose. Once the bylaw meets the council's requirements, it is brought forward to 1st reading, and then gets re-evaluated to determine if any changes should be made. Second and Third readings follow, usually at separate meetings. 

As always the council tries to consult with the citizens of the village to make our regulations relevant and able to provide the best balance of convenience and compliance.  If you have a request or questions about any of the by-laws for the village please contact the office or your council member.


Land Use Bylaw  143-2014

 bylaw governing building and land use in the summer village, Development permits and many other regulations on what you can put up, tear down or move around.

Treatment and Disposal of sewage Bylaw 140-2013

Our position on suitable treatment for septic waste is based on the provincial guidelines that have precedence in this matter

Animal Control Bylaw 141-2013

We all love our pets and want them to have the best life possible.  This doesn't mean that they can be running free in the summer village. Please look here for your responsibilites.

Parking regulations Bylaw 144-2014

Emergency planning and procedures are a primary requirement for municipalites and part of that is making sure that Emergency services have full access. This bylaw governs what and where you can park your vehicles and trailers