Special Notices for beach Residents and Guests


Please be aware that due to high water conditions on Moose Lake that there is significant possibility for damage to any items that were stored on the beach last fall. This includes any DOCKS, BOATLIFTS, FIREPITS. Ice may be pushed up onto the beach with great force if wind conditions are right.   It happened on May 7, pictures below show some of the results.

There is also a risk of floating debris from items being washed into the lake from beaches and shorelines located anywhere on the lake. This material can also be washed up on the beach during wind storms throughout the summer causing damage to boats and docks, not to mention the loss of sections of dock, or other floating items washed off shore by the high water levels

Sandbags are available at beach office

How To Fill A Sandbag:

Fill sandbags 1/2 to 2/3 full, tie at top so bag will lay flat when put in place. A properly filled sand bag should weigh between 35-40 lbs.

Overfilled bags and bags tied too low leave gaps in sandbag levee allowing water to seep through. An overfilled sandbag can weigh 70 - 75 lbs.

 TIP: Always use gloves to protect your hands during the filling operation. After handling treated bags, avoid contact with your eyes and mouth. Dress appropriately and layer clothing. Safety goggles should be used on dry and windy days.

How To Place Sandbags:

Sandbags should be placed flat on ground, overlapped, tamped into place, and stair stepped.

 Remove any debris from the areas where bags are to be placed. Place the bags lengthwise and parallel to the direction of flow with the untied open ends of the bags facing upstream. Fill the low spots first before placing bags the full length of the area to be raised. Start at the downstream end of the sandbag operation about 1 foot landward from the river or levee's edge and continue upstream.

  Fold the open end of the bag under the filled portion. Place succeeding bags with the bottom of the bag tightly and partially overlapping the previous bag. Offset adjacent rows or layers by one-half bag length to avoid continuous joints. To eliminate voids and form a tight seal, compact and shape each bag by walking on it and continue the process as each layer is placed. This flattens the top of the bag and prevents slippage between succeeding layers.