News on the Beach

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Shoreline responsibilities

Keeping the beach area clean and free of debris is critical to the health of our lake.  While ownership of the beach is a Provincial matter, you have the responsibility to make sure that the beach in front of your property is taken care of.

Lot number Reference

This file is the lot number reference using the land description for description.

Storage Area

We are working to make the storage area more effficient and safer. This will entail removing some trees and re-organizing some areas.  While we don't allow long term camping in the area, we have made some changes to help with short term camping for a week end. Use of the area will require a filled out waiver - available below

Assessment list

This list uses the lot number for reference and provides only the assessed values for the summer village.  
The 2016 assessment list is also available here for reference
2017 assessment & tax notices will be out later

3rd Saturday in JULY--ANNUAL MEETING

By Paul Tercier May 30, 2016

Don't forget to mark down the 3rd, Saturday in July for attending the annual meeting of the summer village.  It starts at 9:30 with a bit of a meet and greet, with the meeting starting at 10AM to give you a chance to ask the questions of your council, don't let it slip by. For 2017 the meeting also marks the final day for Nominations to run for Council. Additionally there will be some discussions of the direction you want the Village to go and what kind of preparations we will be making to mark the 60th anniversary of the Summer Village in 2018.

Office Storage area

In 2014 the council decided to update our tractor/mower and use the storage area of the office to provide better protection for our equipment. With funding from the MSI capital grant program we were able to make this step to improve our equipment and storage

Responsible Dock placements

Your temporary dock placement affects the lake shore and lake itself.  In August 2015 the Province of Alberta has put some regulations in place

Lane & Parking

While the Summer Village has always tried to be as free from regulations as possible.  We are responsible for the emergency access to our Village.  This means we must have sufficient space for firetrucks and other emergency vehicles to get to where they are needed.