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Nomination papers

This is the form you will need to fill out to run for office

Running for Municipal Office in Alberta

Information on just what is required to run for municipal office

Elected - here is what you need to know

Some of it anyways..  this is provided by the provincial government for newly elected officials

Alberta Government

Municpal Affairs is the department overseeing all that happens for municipalites in Alberta.  go here for more information- this goes to a new site

2021 Election Year

Under the Municipal government act Municipal Elections are scheduled every 4 years and 2021 is the next election year.  If you are interested in being involved in the operation of your Summer Village don't hesitate to contact the Administration or one of our current Council for any questions you might have.

2017 Council Results

By Paul Tercier Posted September 17, 2017

Grant Ferbey -  Mayor

Laurie Gardner - Deputy Mayor

Tom Thackeray - new councilor for the summer village